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Increasing healthcare costs and reducing profit margins on your mind? Healthcare organizations are continuously looking for effective revenue cycle management services to ensure they receive every penny owed to them by insurance companies and patients.

Making your revenue cycle work like a well oiled machine is not an easy job though. You need a process driven, IT enabled and self-learning team of professionals to deliver for you.

ExpressRCM’s revenue cycle management team can help your healthcare organization improve its billing and collections function, by taking up one or more functions, ensuring cost reduction and revenue maximization while guaranteeing turnaround times (TAT). We ensure metrics-driven performance management, technology enabled monitoring and real-time analytics so you have full visibility into your revenue cycle at all times. Our service suite includes:


Facility and professional coding by certified coders with assured turn-around time.

Claims Submission

Claims scrubbing for LCDs, NCDs, CCI edits, payer edits and electronic & paper claims’ submission.

Payment Management

Posting of ERAs and EoBs, patient cash handling and credit balance management.

Denial Management

Handling all denials by taking corrective actions and recommending preventive measures.

Insurance AR Follow-up

Phone and web-based follow-up with payers on claims not paid in a timely manner.

Patient Statement

Verification of patient payables, generating and sending patient statements.