Coding Management

Discharged-Not-Final-Billed (DNFB) reduction is the key aim for any hospital administrator. Use our coding management services to improve your turn-around time on coding of patient charts and billing as soon as possible after a patient is discharged. We offer:

Coding Services

Assured turn-around time (TAT) coding services delivered through our global coding teams that work round the clock even on the weekend will help you bill your claims faster, which means, getting paid faster.

Coding Audits

Accurate coding can be the difference between getting paid or denied, and getting on the wrong side of the compliance baseline. If under-coding is prevalent, it means lost revenue, while over-coding can lead to compliance problems and audits. Our team of certified coders can give you complete insight on whether you are coding accurately or not.

Exception Reporting

Charts that miss coding timelines can lead to cash flow issues. Our business intelligence driven analytics engine can provide exception reporting for cases where delay in coding is creating a billing bottleneck and can even shine the spotlight on repeat offenders so you can take corrective and preventive actions.

Business Insights

Do you know which department or provider, in your facility, has the most number of coding denials? Whose claims are always late for submission? Which provider or department in your facility is responsible for the most amount of cash flow delay due to coding related denials? Get all this and more with our business insights solution.