Credentialing and Enrollment

Credentialing is required because “providers need to be vetted”, whereas Enrollment exists to “link providers to payers, where contracts are already established”, because providers need to get paid.

Credentialing and Enrollment kickstart your revenue cycle. These are extremely critical steps but are painfully slow and there is no standardization. Credentialing and Enrollment require continuous follow-up and complete attention to detail. Inaccurate or incomplete information, or a lack of follow-up will surely delay the process.

At ExpressRCM, our team of experts works to file all the necessary paperwork that is required to credential the provider. We work to ensure that all your providers are linked to the payers and all their paperwork and contracts are set up correctly to ensure fast and accurate reimbursements.

By delegating this task to ExpressRCM’s experts you can free up resources and focus on other business functions that help you optimize your workflows. ExpressRCM can help you wade through this data and document intensive process by handling all your paperwork and working closely with the payers to get you up and running as soon as possible.