Data Migration

In any healthcare organization, data is dynamic. It has to move from one system to another to be meaningfully used. But making disparate systems talk to each other is a technology nightmare. ExpressRCM takes the hassle out of data migration by providing a variety of different options to suit your needs.

Interface Design

We design interfaces between disparate systems so that data can flow seamlessly on preset intervals or on-demand. This is useful where the data has to repeatedly move between two systems.

Data Export and Import

When the need is to move the data only once, we write scripts to export data from one system and import into another while maintaining complete data integrity and accuracy.

Manual Data Migration

There are times when the only option is to get all hands on deck and move some data manually as the vendors for the applications may not be around (or may not be cooperative!). Our offshore team is highly experienced in large volume manual data migration with high quality and assured turn-around time.