Old AR Recovery

Old unpaid claims, especially low-dollar value claims, are written-off as the cost of following up on them might be higher than the recoverable amount itself. But if you add up all these written-off claims, your healthcare organization could be losing hundreds of thousands of dollars every year!

With a combination of robotic process automation and offshore resources, ExpressRCM will go after every dollar that insurance companies are holding and get you paid.

We are so confident of our ability to recover old insurance accounts receivable, that we are willing to do this on a success fee basis. Talk to us before you write-off your old insurance AR!

Every organization’s payer mix is different from the others. Therefore, a thoughtfully crafted strategy on the order of payers to go after, is the key here. We ensure that:

  • All unposted payments are posted
  • We file/re-file all claims that are not in the insurance company’s records with proof of timely filing
  • Follow-up on claims as much as possible on the web
  • What cannot be done over the web, is done on the phone
  • We focus on resolution not calling

At the end of this exercise we will submit a report with a list of corrective actions so that your billing process can be improved for the future.