Physician Advisory

Physicians are central to the revenue cycle. Our experts will help your physicians in adopting best practices for maximized compliance and minimized denials. Clinical denials require a focus on clinical interventions and ensuring that right measures are taken to avoid denials in the first place. Our certified coders and physician trainers will help your teams in creating a step-by-step program to improve your revenue cycle efficiency.

Documentation Advisory

Which codes will be used really depends on the documentation of the patient’s chart. Our experienced and certified medical coders review each physician’s charts and provide insights on what else should have been documented (and what could have been left out!) to improve compliance and support the correct level of coding.

Coding Advisory

Despite being careful in your patient documentation, payer specific rules and regulations can throw a spanner in the wheel. We analyze your payer contracts, LCDs, NCDs and CCI edits to provide the right codes that ensure minimal denials and maximize reimbursement.

Coding Audits

Coding correctly is like walking a very thin line; under-coding and over-coding can both get you in trouble. While under-coding means lost revenue, over-coding can lead to audits and compliance nightmares. We conduct coding audits based on type of service, physician and departments to give you a better understanding of where your organization stands in terms of your coding efficiency and effectiveness.

Appeal & Denial Management

Our cross-functional team of certified coders, experienced billers and domain experts look at each case through multiple lenses and do a root-cause analysis before filing appeals, with all relevant documentation and proofs, for fastest resolution.

Customized Education Programs

We provide a variety of Instructor Led Trainings (ILTs), At-the-elbow (ATE) support and e-Learning solutions for providers in various areas like documentation, coding, compliance, software training and revenue cycle management.

We have successfully completed large training programs involving dozens of credentialed trainers across multiple locations. Our e-Learning solutions allow your team to access the best training resources at the pace and place of their choice.