Revenue Integrity

Most organizations do not have the time or resources to dig deep enough to correct sources of revenue leakage. While it may sound small, just 1-3% of net charges lost to leakage can cost your organizations millions of dollars!

As value-based reimbursement (VBR) increases, the charges captured today drive not just your current revenues, but will also set the tone for future reimbursements. If you do not fix these leaks now, it could mean the difference between surviving and collapsing in an ever more competitive environment and unforeseen circumstances like lockdowns and epidemics.

ExpressRCM evaluates your revenue cycle end to end and provides a complete review of opportunities that can lead to reduction of revenue leakage and collecting every penny possible. Our services include:

Chargemaster Optimization

We will help you identify how and where to locate the proper revenue codes, how to identify accurate codes to bill and the correct reporting of all separately identifiable procedures. We ensure that payer contract data is up to date in the charge master and the billed amounts are set to maximize reimbursement.

Accurate Charge Capture

We will help you identify incorrect coding and missing charges; review for net revenue potential. Corrective and preventive actions are taken with the help of data modeling and analytics.

Coding Review

Our certified coders will analyze patient charts and claims to determine appropriate use of CPT/HCPCS codes and DRGs.

Under-payment Analysis

We use big data analytics to identify under-payment tactics by insurance companies and manage the appeal process to receive the full payment you deserve.